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This men watch from Casio Collection Casio Collection Retro series have case from stainlesssteel with band from solidstainlesssteel.


Daily alarm and hourly sound signal
  • Every day alarm and hourly beeping signal, which can be turned on/off.
Stainless steel bracelet
Operating battery lifespan - 7 years
  • An electro-luminescent panel lights up the whole display of the watch, providing an easy reading.
Automatic calendar
  • Allowances for months of different lengths are made automatically, in case date corrections for leap years are required.
24/12 hour format
Stopwatch 1 hour (1/100 sec.)
Two-fold buckle
Waterproof (WR) according to ISO 22810
  • Waterproof by ISO 22810 means the watch can survive minor splashes, without submersion.
Size: 36 mm