Retail price:
750.00 BGN

This men watch from Protrek series have case from resin with band from solidtitanium.


5 daily alarms and an hourly signal
  • Up to 3 daily alarms that signalize every day on the time you set and an hourly signal that can be turned on/off.
Battery level indication
  • Shows the current battery charge.
Solid titanium band
  • Deactivates the auto-illuminator in bright light conditions, and activates it when light is not sufficient.
Duplex LCD
  • Double LCD makes it possible to choose between two different display patterns.
Direction bezel
  • Rotating ring can be used to determine approximate directions.
Mineral glass
Automatic calendar
  • Allowances for months of different lengths are made automatically, in case date corrections for leap years are required.
24/12 hour format
  • A built-in sensor measures the barometric pressure and shows it on the display.
Thermometer (-10° C / + 60° C)
  • Built-in sensor for air temperature measurement, with range from -10° С to +60° С.
  • A built-in direction sensor pointing the magnetic north.
Altitude measurement 10,000m
  • A built-in sensor, converts the atmospheric pressure into relative altitude up to 10 000 meters.
Altitude addition
  • Function that adds up all the altitudes during an ascend, giving the final total difference between the start and final altitude.
Altimeter data memory
  • Data storage for your ascends, consisting of maximum and minimum altitudes with corresponding dates and times.
Moon calendar
  • Moon phase and age are displayed according to your current latitude and longitude.
Tide graph display
  • Graphical illustration of the tidal movement according to your current latitude and longitude.
Button sounds on/off
  • The sounds of the button press can be turned on/off.
Low-temperature resistance (-10 °C)
Solar function
  • A solar cell provides power for operation.
Stopwatch 24 hours (1/100 sec.)
  • This timer is used for timing the start of a regatta. The countdown timer can be set for up to 10 minutes. It emits a sound signal for each elapsed minute and for each of the last 10 seconds.
Countdown timer - 1 hour (1 min.)
  • The countdown timer can be set with length up to 1 hour and adjustment capability of 1 minute.
Waterproof (20 bar)
  • Suitable for swimming and freediving without equipment.
Radio reception (Europe, USA, Japan, China)
  • A built-in radio signal receiver, ensures the watch is correctly calibrated. Tower signal covers most of Europe, USA, Japan and China.This includes the greater part of Bulgaria.
World Time
  • Displays the current local time in most of the major cities around the world.
Weight: 112,4 g
Size: 56,3mm x 50,6mm x 15,0mm (H x W x D)